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We strive to provide the most valuable services and support in the industry. We bring together content, marketing expertise, market knowledge and experience to provide an unbeatable package.

It’s strange but when I look back, I didn’t become a Realtor to sell homes. I knew nothing about real estate or construction. The year before I started, I had bought a house and enjoyed the process. But otherwise, I had no experience and knew almost no one in the business.

Colonial, Craftsman, Cottage? I didn’t know.
Cheesy bench ad – Do those really work?

I was drawn to the idea that, in real estate, I could build relationships and solve problems. If I treated people the way I wanted to be treated when I bought my home, it wouldn’t be so hard, would it?


John K. Carroll

Sales Representative

Back in those early days, I had a career I loved as an airline pilot. I flew mostly short night flights with hours between to get plenty of sleep. As a young guy in my twenties, I had boundless energy and my days free to devote to my new passion for real estate.

By 2013, my family was growing and so too was my business. I had worked hard to earn the trust of my clients and they were referring their friends and family to me. I was so grateful. My wife and I faced many of the same challenges as other new parents. We tackled our work/life balance and found the space for our family to be happy. Life was good.

And then, out of nowhere, life threw me a curveball. I lost my job as an Airline Captain when the company I worked for shut down. It forced me to reexamine everything: Could my business alone support my family? Is this how I want to spend the rest of my life? I’ve put so much time into aviation, could I really leave it behind?

The soul searching didn’t last long. I knew my next chapter was ready to be written. So I made the decision to dive in. As I scaled the business, I saw that the hard lessons I had learned in the air were just as valuable in my business. My ability to action a plan, communicate well and dig into the data was crucial to my clients. Not only that, but I had been through the struggle of being a parent to two kids. I could empathize with other parents. I understood their desire for a sense of community and great schools for their kids. That’s on top of the frustration that comes with a lack of space.

I took all those lessons and built Carroll Real Estate. We help growing Toronto families of all sizes find the space they need. We understand what it’s like to be busy parents. It’s why we created our unique Complete Care Process. From start to finish, we do what we say we’re going to do. We work to build trust and a great relationship first. Only then can we provide the excellent support, logistics, and data you need. In our minds, it’s the only way to know that you’ve made the best move for you and your family.

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